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Server Monitor

This application will allow you to monitor servers in your network and notify you if someone goes down or is not available in the network.

Server Monitor

Who can use it

Small scale organizations who are looking for open source solution for their network monitoring tools.

Version Changes

Version release notes
Version Date Released Release Notes
1.0 September 2, 2013
  • Monitor servers with name/ip.
  • Pings the server at specified time and displays them in red if not in network.

How to use

Servers -> Configure (Ctrl + R) : Opens up a window where you can add servers which you want to monitor. They are all saved in a XML file so you need not configure them again and again.

Servers -> Monitor (Ctrl + M) : Opens up a window which shows you the status of configured servers.


Open Server Monitor.exe.config and change the properties as described below

  • PoolTime : Monitor screen refresh time in seconds.
  • ServerXML : Location where Servers.xml is saved.

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